Well it's not very complicated : we just need more work from people that have any time. If we want this project to be finished one day, there is no magic spell : we've gotta model all the scenes, characters and objects necessary for the animation, texture them properly (it will be mainly DF's work since adjusting textures depends on the scene and lights ect...but anyhow you had better add interessant bitmap file and procedural maps on your models) and select all the voice actors required. Then most of the RMP members will have the possibility to rest while the scenes are improved and animated.
I dont fear so much about the script progress, since if it becomes too late compared to the 3D work progress I'll find the time to occupy myself of it seriously, and it wont keep up stagnating believe me. However, it'd be good if members subscribed for the left script chapters (especially the 4 & 5 needed by DF - if they arent in the free tasks listing just create them yourself as "Special" tasks).

So you all caught it up :
If you have any 3D skill, please subscribe for free tasks in the Tasks assessment section, or better again take one high priority scene in the Grounds creation section, and make it as soon as you can (yes I know school/appointments/housework/sports/blablabla, but dont lie you're about all in Holidays at the moment).
If you dont know what to model, I've made a Listing of the free 3D and 2D tasks on the forum
Dont forget the Help pictures page that'll help you to match the game, and you've now a new tool : Yazor's LBA1 model viewer, that'll allow you to watch the models of the game under any angle.
If you have under the hand any interessant textures library, LBAish or not, please upload it, it wont be useless.
If you want to be a voice actor and you havent done it yet, please record the proper character quotes and send me the samples asap.
If youy have musical skills, you should create themes for the important moments of the movie, even if it's only later that you'll be able to arrange them in order to fit the scenes.
If you have a brain, nothing prevents you from writting the left script chapters, or simply giving original ideas for moments of the movie, new 3D and movement effects...have a look at the Script template for a general view on how the story of the movie could be.

---> Also, an imporant note : we really need fan art pictures to put on the wall paintings of the scenes liek Twinsen's house, the CI bar, the museum of if you have pictures that look like those of the games, or other LBAish ones, please send them to me or post them in the RMP forum, I havent the time to browse the fan art forum to find them. Think to it, it's an excellent way to have your creations in a movie without working much.
---> And if you've made fan musics that are still not on Bu's temple, please send them to me, we need more themes for the movie, especially for the action/epic moments.

Advanced instructions recall

*To avoid crossed works, please always show your WIP tasks in the tasks assessment section.
*If you upload your files on the RMP FTP, please inform me of that to be sure that I see them quickly.
*Never collapse any model's modifiers' stack : it handicapps highly the future editions and improvements of the models. Use the modifier "edit mesh" but dont convert it to "editable mesh" or to "editable poly" by collapsing the stack..
*When you model characters, always make them with the harms spread out. It's way easier to set the bones then and to animate them.
*Always upload the textures with your models of course (apart from for the standard 3dsmax textures), and give to the ones you create/find-on-the-web short names (max 8 characters + extension) to allow the conversion to *.3ds.
*In general rule, never use plugins to add effects on your models, only standard 3ds max features. Some plugins could be used for the movie (one time shaghair or shagfur, just for fun...) but it must be discused on the forum.
You can use any plugin that helps you modelling (Metaballs, advanced surface tools...) but the final model must be compatible with the standard 3dsmax objects (mesh, poly, patch or nurbs).
*Sometimes I add details on models or change textures, and I'm so forced to remake their prewiev renders, but members should anyway join with the 3D file two about 640*480 or 800*600 renders of it, with the model only, well centred, over a black, or if needed grey, background (see the models previews in the Progress page). It doesnt cost much but makes me win a lot of time.