Project progress

As you may have noticed on Bus' temple, there arent much new things concerning textures, musics, help pictures and stuffs (oh yes : I've put in the textures section lots of links toward kewl texture pages).

But well, for the 3D work, we could summarize the past period like this : low quantity, extrem quality :-D
Indeed there arent many new models and scenes, but those are rather evoluated ones, detailled and poly-modelled : a pretty stoat by Anix, a kewl rabbibunny by Kaderoboy (not yet uploaded due to 3dsmax problems, btw - 15$ to the one that gives me a way to contact him), some objects from the PI library and the museum of Proxima by me...but the most important is of course the bunch of new scenes created, because they contain not only loads of detailled objects, but also the 3D ground themselves. Those scenes only contain beta textures of course, because we dont have excellent bitmap libraries under the hands, and the textures will have to be adjusted later.
I've seen on the forum many awesome scene and model screenshots from Thehen and Kaderoboy, unfortunately because of different problems I couldnt get them so far, so here are the only big files I've been able to get recently - the ones I created myself >_<
So coming asap : the two ferry ports, Lupinbourg, the CI bar, Twinsun's cafe on Tipett, the three rabbiclone types, and some other stuffs...

Slot #1 : Twinsen's house
Structure fully parametric, with instanced walls and decorations, to be able to change the form of the full house in three clicks...

Slot #2 : Museum of proxima (outer walls and ceiling hidden)
Lots of instances there again, for an easily modifiable building...
Notice the siren, I first wanted to edit Df's model from the temple of Bu outside, but
eventually there were so many corruptions and stuffs that I remade it fully.

*For the remainder, have a look at the new files page of Bu's temple B-)*