Project progress

The major event for the RMP those last months has been the end of the Twinsun screenshoting work. Thanks to Assassin that continued and finished what HomerSimpson had begun (+ some maps of Darkflame and Chaofish), we got know the full world of LBA1 in huge pictures that have been released in the public part of Bu's temple. The 3D modelers will now have all what they need to choose their tasks and to match the game in their creations.
That huge screenshotting work, a real poject inside the project, isn't usefull only for the RMP, but well for the full community, as shown in the "inter-projects cooperation" article.

Since the last update, several modelers have joined the project or woken up. And forunately most of them use 3dsmax, so we wont have incompatibilities.
We have on Bu's temple lots of different new objects, accessories, furnitures, weapons, and also some new characters like mutants and nurses. Even if it's very hard to evaluate the progression of the project, we can say that the majority of the common objects of Twinsun has been done now.
We wont have problems to make all the objects needed , so it'd be good if all the skilled members could concentrate on the buildings modelling, or better again on the characters modelling. You can have all the models uploaded toward the RMP here : 3D Models listing.

Despite it is a quite easy work, that can be made by any LBA fan, the script becomes really late, what's annoying for many other works musics, sounds, voices, detail levels of the models...
However, most of the chapters of the script have been subscribed by RMP members, so I'd like these ones to wake up else we'll have big problems later in the project, seen that the script needs a lot of creation phases to be good for the movie, and that here we have only begun to write the template script.
But we have got new script parts since the last update anyway : my storyboard for the final battle (The final battle thread), a script for the construction site by Liamlightspeed, and a listing of all the important dialogs of the game, by Ramond_the_elf.
And some important topics on the story are at the moment being discused on the forum, so have a look at the RMP forum.

The "Textures" section hasn't grown up a lot since the last time, but that's fully normal because the textures used for the models are always zipped with them. So in that section will only be stored some packs of textures that could be usefull for the future models, or packs created by members...
But I've anyway uploaded some new packs of textures, and especially the bonus (!=standard) textures pack of 3ds max, so take a look at the "Textures" section.

The last period has been good for the musics : many fan compositions from Evil Twinsen or Jesse have been added to the page, 10 LBAish musics by 3D-Bruyn, and some important musics (final battle, landing on Hamalayi) are being composed by new musicians. With the original musics in good quality mp3, and all those past, present and future fan musics, we should be able to fill up the movie without problems. Listen to them in the "Musics" section.

The "Sounds" section doesn't fill up too, and that's normal because the precise sounds cant be chosen until the script is done. I've anyway uploaded a big pack of miscellaneous sounds, the bonus one of 3ds max 4, that contains some quite LBAish sounds : "Sounds" section.

*And just for the fun, you can see here a summary of all the 3D models uploaded by members