Update 10
By Firephoenix

Bu's temple

Yep, it's now time for a new update, surely the last before a while, if no one replaces me asap. Indeed I enter soon the preparation class and I wont have any time for leasure and computers. So here is a report of the current RMP progress, of the WIP and finished works, of what has to be done and how, and of the last news about the RMP and the MBN.

First of all, you may have noticed that Bu's temple had become very long to load for some months, and I thought free.fr was experiencing problems with the bandwidth. But actually, they were just decreasing more and more the power of their php3 servers, in a way to finally remove them. So I had to recode the file detection engine of Bu's temple for it to work under php4, since some functions didnt work anymore in that version of the servers. But now it's done, and Bu's temple has never loaded so fast, that's excellent when you know the amount of operations the server has to do in order to bring you a listing of links toward the creations without any broken one. I hope this system will continue working during the next years.
Warning : the "auditions" page is still long to load, that's normal since there are lots of sound samples embedded in the it, however if you dont want to have problems, take care to close your running audio applications (winamp, media player, quick time...) before loading the page, else the ActiveX controls may bug and make your explorer crash. If you still dont manage to load the page, tell me and I'll add some systems to have the possibility to load a lighter page, with just the links toward the samples.

Also, there is now a new page dedicated to the overwiev of the grounds modelling work. You'll find there the listing of the grounds to model with their priority (no need to model the scenes that may not appear in the movie), and I invite you to immediately subscribe in this page for the scenes you've begun to model or the ones you'd like to make now, just there : Grounds creation page.

Cherry on the cake, we also have now our own Tutorials page, with some kewl home-made modelling technics from DF and some tips from me.

As you may have noticed, the RMP forum has been quite quiet recently, and even if we could see some awesome screenshots on it, eventually Bu's temple didnt grow up very fast. This is due to several reasons, and I invite you to read Darkflame's RMP report for more infos on that slow down. I gotta add to those ones other reasons, like the fact that most of the easy models of the game have been made now, so the modelling work requires more time and skills, because the numerous models left are characters or entire scenes. Furthermore, the rare people that worked on models have had problems with their web connection and other stuffs like that, so it's currently very hard to get the wip/finished models to put them on Bu's temple.

Nonetheless, there have been new models and creations and Bu's temple, since the last update. As usual you can see them on Bu's temple, in the "New files" section, as soon as I've uploaded and linked them. But have first a look at the Project progress page to see some important new creations.

And for the good continuation of the RMP, a new Instructions page with all the infos on how to work and to upload your creations (additionnal infos in the Upload instructions page), and the Audition quotes page for all those who want to be voice actors in the movie

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