The RMP continues...(01/15/2002)

Bu's temple has been online already for 1 week and a half, and less than one third of members have subscribed yet.

I remind everyone that it's the place where members' creations will be kept, sort, ready for downloads, but it's also an important organisation place, where everyone can find tasks to make the project goes forward. I think it will be more easy to work with every creations together than with one creation per Thread on the forum...
You'll find news, summaries of Forum's decisions and votes (in preparation, I'm searching for writers, why not you), a dynamic task repartitions section (The_angry_monkey and HomerSimpson have well begun the work, follow them) and lots of other things.

So you should now sign up on the sign up page to choose your password and profile. You'll then have access to the private sections of the page and you'll receive the Creations Upload Informations to upload on the multimania FTP
(NOTE : because there aren't millions of uploads at the moment, there is no sections on this FTP, so you can upload at the Root).

You can already see the first Uploads in the 'News / new files' section of Bu's temple.
I've seen on the forum that there were already creations ready.
So I ask all members to sign up and upload their creations as soon as possible by following some rules ('Upload page' section of the site), to make everyone can see what has been done yet : by error I put some days ago "lamp post" in the tasks list whereas it had been already done (there will be two different models, that's all).
PS: Lots of creations arrived recently, go and see them.

I think we've had enough time now to think about the project, the goals, the story... We should now begin a mass production period, I know it's hard with that $&#@ school, but else the project will take thousands years.

First, I ask every members that want to make storyboards/scripts, to replay entirely the game, from A to Z. Even modelers must replay it, else it will be very difficult to match the game in the models design. Remember we cant take all Twinsun in screenshots and put them on the Help section. Hmm YES we can, HomerSimpson and Darkflame have begun to take screenshots of full areas, but it's a huge work and we wont make it for INTO houses, buildings... And you cant write a good script without knowing the true story perfectly :
Test : if you cant complete successfully this quizz or this other quizz, replay fully the game.

EVERYONE can be more than useful now :

*--Every member that wants to do voices in the movie must upload some 'auditions' on the multimania ftp. I'll sort them in a special section and we will then be able to vote, to make the casting for the RMP.
*--For the musics, as voted on the forum, we will take some of LBA1, LBA2, maybe fan musics, and maybe ask for the assistance of Philippe Vachey. I'm not sure of that, but we could also take other musics from out, for action scenes, Twinsen's evasions...
We also need misc. sounds, noises... So if you have Lba remixes, musics, sounds, pleaase upload them on the FTP, we will vote later.
*--Some members will have to search screenshots of the game and of the videos on the web, to help modelers matching the game. I've already found good URL's and some pictures, I wait for yours.
*--An other job for ~scripter-misc.~ members : searching for textures on the web, groupping them by type on zip packs and uploading them.

*--The most important work is without doubts the 3D modelizing : We got to remake almost completly Twinsun, that's a huge work and there arent lots of modelers. So the only thing I can do is to advice all the members to try the 3D modelizing, for example using Truespace3/4/5 or 3dsmax. Here is my first (unfinished) 3dsmax creation, only done with boxes, spheres, tubes, booleans and some basic transformations. With true textures and well animated (Other modelers make it for you), it would be good enough for the film I think.
I wait you on the 'work organisation / tasks assessement' section of Bu's temple.

Firephoenix       Checked by Darkflame