Bu's temple - explosion      
(04/01/2002 - Firephoenix)


             As some already know, the site has quite grown up for some months. Today 100% of the available space is filled up.
And free.fr has detected a too important download activity on this site, so they threaten to close Bu's temple if we continue to use so much bandwidth.
I'll make a download restriction to avoid being bannished, but anyway, now, there is no more space on Bu's temple. I didnt think it would fill up so quickly, but *.3ds files and videos take more place than what I thought...

So we cant continue like that to keep creations on the web, I think we'll have to come back to the Yahoo! briefcases and mails. Sorry for those bad news, but you must all believe I've been happy to help the project for some months with this site... *sigh*

*It was the joke of the day, offered by the "Lafayette shops", thanks*
mmh... I think no one has believed it...yes?

But it's true Bu's temple's base page is now fully filled up, and that's rather a good new than a bad one !
It means that the project goes forward, and that we've already 100 Mo of models and creations on the page, and we must add to that lots of creations that members (alas!) keep on their PC.
It's the moment for the php architecture to show its power : The creations will be moved by type on different sites,
and the link will auto-set to the right site, depending of the type of the creation linked. :-)

Of course, for the moment at least, Bu's temple interface stays on firephoenix.free.fr.

Here is what we have on Bu's temple today :
* 27 php files and lots of images, midis for the interface.
* 40+ pretty 3D models and their images.
* 29 Help pictures, screenshots of the games...
* 4 musics and sounds.
* 3 voice auditions.
* 21 video clips.
* Some scripts, storyboards, files to download...

Note : because of those changes, Bu's temple could have some problems for some days, it's normal, I must move big packs of files ;).

The project's progress report

So the project has quite well worked since the last update, especially for the 3D models part.
Go on the new files section to admirate all the creations of members (put the limit to "infinite" to have a good wiev of the work, if you haven't got a too slow connection).

The modelers' team makes fabulous things, and those last months have seen lots of important facts : a beautiful ferry by Darkflame, the Citadal well begun by Thehen, the Principal Island library that Kaderoboy made using some of other members' objects (we can now speak of "team work"), lots of objects/vehicles (+ Raymond the elf) by Darkeyedol, and many other creations...

We must also speak of some really interessant videos, of Darkflame :
-an animation with Twinsen's house area, impressive!,
-a Silly Teaser with Lord of the rings's music, more fun you die, that shows the effects that could exist in the movie,
-For those who havent seen it yet, the animation showing the creations of Twinsun by the Sendells, Genesis, very interessant too,
but also some other videos, of The_angry (the effects of the magicball on a red groboclone - impressive), and Darkeyedol (The idol of Bu's temple that throws fireballs - really nice)...

We can also note some new screenshot maps by HomerSimpson, and a new sort of work : making sketches to give modelers ideas and to help
them in their models' design. Go and see Morden279's (and my sister's) sketches in the help_pictures section
of Bu's temple.

The script goes slowly, even if some chapters are in progress at the moment. That's a work every LBA fan can make, so remember some chapters are still waiting for writters.
And everyone must continue to give his ideas on the LBA RMP forum.

Else, there are little problems on the side of musics and voices : those are jobs many people can have, so it should go forward normally.
But the only musics on Bu's temple are mines and some remixes by Darkeyedol. So if the musicians could wake up and remix LBA's musics
(to make a music for the landing on hamalayi for example...,) or create new LBAish musics, it would be great.
And the actors' team should now organise itself to begin auditions. It'll be an anonym vote later to decide who makes who in the movie.

*And here is an example of what musicians' work is : please listen to those two FF7 musics. The man has taken a beautiful midi theme of FF7, and remixed it in a true poly-instrumental music. That's exactly what the musicians of the RMP have to make, and they even can make better, I'm sure. We got the themes, we have to make the musics. The main LBA 2 theme can even be used for the landing scene, if you concentrate on basses and use the right instruments for that.

Hunt for creations

I'd like every members to take a moment to check if they have unuploaded models/textures/musics/auditions/script/storyboards for the movie.
It isn't good to be late in uploading models, because members dont know what has been done yet (some objects are in 2-3 versions on members' HDDs whereas there is no version of them on Bu's temple, and so other members begin to make an other version, believing that this model hasn't been done yet), and furthermore converting/uploading/linking the creations is a quite long job, so I'd like to make that slowly but continuously, not to have suddenly later to occupy myself of thousands of creations needed by DF for the renders...

I know very well it's funner to model 3D objects than to upload finished creations, but it must be done one day, so why not today ? And if you got other members' creations, please upload them too, thanks.
If you're too busy, please at least try to upload the original files, or to mail them to me even without joining images, comments... I can convert them and make images myself, even if I prefer that you make it yourself.

The team's name

There is at the moment a discussion on the forum about the name of the RMP team. Of course all the good names are already taken by other studios, and we hesitate between "Dualstar", "Genesis", "Popolopo", "Sebastopol", "Gerbillaz", "Ultima"... If you want to participate to this violent polemic : The team's name thread. There'll be a poll later to choose the official team's name.

Tasks assessement system notice

Teh takssasesssemnet stytem si onw......  *sorry, I begin again : *   The tasks assessement system is now fully set up, and I advice everyone to go, check the taken tasks and subscribe to their task(s) before working, it'll prevent from double works and problems like that.

New thing, you can now submit directly the tasks you want with the little formulary on the top of this page.
And if you're quick with modelling, you can submit several objects in the same time.
And dont forget to mark your tasks as "finished and uploaded" when you've done them.

Go and see the new tasks assessement system !

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