Update 9
By Firephoenix

There have been several quite important events on Bu's temple since the last update.
First, the FTP has one more time exploded under the size of the files uploaded, so the help pictures have been moved to a remote FTP, controlled by a serie of scripts.
It means that now, Bu's temple is built over 9 FTPs, and can in three clicks be extended to 3 other FTPs when each type of creation will exceed 100 Mo, for a total web space of 1.2 Go.
The "musics" section especiually is really big now, and it will soon be stored on two different FTPs. And the textures, last creations that stayed on Bu's temple, will be moved on an other remote FTP because the main page is already 98% filled up.

The tasks assessement system of Bu's temple begins to be well known by members, but I'd like it to be used really each time that someone begins a task, by if needed groupping several works in a same post. That system is the best one to avoid double works, but it also helps me to plan the uploads and to avoid to forget begun or uploaded models.
BTW-please don't forget to mark your tasks as finished when you've uploaded the work, it helps the administration of the page

The Auditions section is now ready to sort and display the embedded voice tests of members.
Finally, it has been decided that the actors would all record their voice with chosen quotes from the game for each character. You can now send to me your auditions that have to match that auditions listing, in the mp3 format if possible. You can send auditions for all the movie characters you want. The anonymous votes (dont post your samples on the forum so, their author must stay secret) to decide who makes who will be done far later, by order of importance of the characters.

Please note also the new page that explains the features of the redirection system : redirection system note. When you gotta post a link toward Bu's temple, use that system to have all the frames and the targetted section in the right frame..

Inter-projects cooperation

The LBA Compendium project has recently woken up under the leading of Wacko, that built the "Encyclopedia Twinsunica" web page to store, sort and display all the articles and pictures on the LBA world that MBN members submit on the LBA Compendium forum. And the RMP helped a lot that project, by providing the full LBA world in screenshots (see the "End of the screenshotting work" article), and to a smaller range by giving a free.fr FTP to this encyclopedia (http://wacko.free.fr/lba).

An other LBA project has recently started : LBA3D. Its goal is for the moment to developp a C++/OpenGl engine that would then be used to create LBA fan games. And the RMP helps a lot that project by providing it test models and a free.fr FTP (http://firegemsoftware.free.fr). The members of that project also developp LBRA, a racing game on the LBA world.

The LBA-DM project also takes benefit of the RMP's works, but not only for the help pictures. Its members can actually optimize the RMP's models and use them for that HL mod, as the textures and musics of Bu's temple.
Alas, the contrary isn't well possible the LBA-DM models arent detailed enough to be easily used in a movie, and even the LBA textures extracted for it arent precise enough for the RMP (http://www.geocities.com/lba_dm).

While we speak of LBA projects, for those who dont know it yet, Yazor is at the moment reimplementing LBA1's engine, to make it compatible with the last types of OS, and if wanted, to improve its features in the same time. It'd also allow the creation of LBA1 mods. Have a look at http://www.yaz0r.net/lba.php.

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