RMP Project status

By Darkflame, date: 26/Feb/03

Some of you may have noticed I havent been contributing much to the project recently.

I apologyze for this, and for not keeping you informed.

I just wish to assure you I havent lost interested, and I will still lead this film to a successfull completion.

The reasons for my personal slow-down are multiple:

* University work less flexible then I hoped (so far the projects havent allowed

me to use RMP bits as part of my coursework).

* After installing 3DS Max 5, I couldn't get any of my Maxs (3, 4 or 5) working properly for

almost almost a month!

Luckly, I recently figured out a different way of patching the license for it to work :)


* My job.

Im currently working on a rather unique MMORPG called www.Planetquest.cc

Im lead 3D artist, getting paid £20-150 per 3D model.

Naturaly, you understand I'm working on this a bit more than the RMP.

Me? Gready? :p

I have got over 2000 3D models to make for them in about 1.5 years, so its going to be tough.

But the main reason for my slow down it:

* I realised I dont know as much about 3DS Max as I thought I did.

Sure, I may be about 2 years ahead of everyone else on my course, but my tutors

are still able to teach me much more about it.

I see now how Max's custom controls will make Animating easier once set up, I see

how animatics are really essential for good animation, I see how layered morphing faces

will provide an easy system for facial expression.

(especially when linked to a custom controller system...it would make Max like poser)

Im even learning small things I never knew, like:


So I'm dedicating more time to learning, than to doing.

Fear not, this situtation will be reversed once I have learnt enough :)

Im not letting go of this project in any way, not because I have to do it, but because I enjoy it. Perhaps the next university project will be more fleixble, and let me make somethingfor the RMP as well.

In the mean time, I'm working on the scripting section of the project with my faithfull assistant, Atresica.

You can look forward to a new combined section relatively shortly. :) (no, really, its comming this time...honest!)


If you wish to make the script move faster then you can help by writting the scripts for sections 4 & 5.

Yes, YOU, you can help the project now by writting part of the script !!!

We might even use some of it :p

Seriously, we base the combined script on the best submission, but we try to included dialogs

& ideas from everyone :)

Therefore, we like as many people to write bits for the script as possible.

More people = More Cool Ideas = Better Script.


In Brief:

Major Completed:

*Combined Script part 1 "The beginning"

(by Q-wi-Q, Atresica, Darkflame)

*Almost all objects featured in the game.

Coming soon:

*Combined script part 2 " (by Sethronn,Aided by Henry Prestige, Atresica,Darkflame)

*Completed portion of Citadale Island around Twinsens house.




Top Priority Needed:

* Script sections 4 & 5 :

4 - Twinsen goes to Principal

5 - Meeting with the Astronomer