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Created by Kaderoboy on 06-09-2002
Download: *_3ds.zip | *_max.zip [ with 446 KB ]
The book of Bu, that gives you the second magic level...
Created by Lightwing on 07-05-2002
Download: *_3ds.zip | *_max.zip [ with 14 KB ]
The lever that opens the doors of Bu's temple, when Twinsen or a meca-pinguin goes on it (the spikes of the button enter the rock when the button is pushed)...
Created by Dark Eyedol on 04-06-2002
Download: *.3ds [ with 176 KB ]
The dangerous idol that hurts Twinsen all the time in Bu's temple
Created by Razor on 08-22-2002
Download: *.3ds | *.max [ with 54 KB ]
A little idol, throwing fire balls as the big one...
Created by Firephoenix on 07-11-2002
Download: *.3ds | *.max [ with 365 KB ]
The antic stone jar you see everywhere in the temple...
Created by Kaderoboy on 06-17-2002
Download: *_3ds.zip | *_max.zip [ with 153 KB ]
A small temple that would suit well to the front of Bu's floating temple...
Created by Firephoenix
on 08-08-2002
Download: *.3ds | *.max [ with 248 KB ]
A beautiful big vase of the temple of Bu...
Created by Dark Eyedol on 04-15-2002
Download: *_3ds.zip [ with 88 KB ]
Two versions of the greatest danger of Bu's temple...

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