Sentences chosen for the auditions
  We'll vote later on to decide who can make which character for the movie. If you want to be a voice actor in the RMP, please send me mp3 samples for the characters you plan to play.
The auditions will be anonymous, so the samples' authors must stay secret, please dont post your samples on the forum, send them directly to me.
Please note that because the script isnt ready yet, we dont know exactly which characters will speak in the movie, so for the moment I've only put the ones that are almost sure to appear. The three last ones below are the less sure ones, and the last sentence below is used for the least important characters...

Here are the sentences to record for each character.

: Twinsun is a relatively new planet on the outskirts of a remote galaxy. It's rotational plane has stabilized between two suns.
There is a huge mountain range running along its equator, that divides the planet in half; each hemisphere is warmed by a single sun.
Four species developed over the course of the centuries: The Spheros, the Rabbibunnies, the Quetches and the Grobos. They all lived in harmony until a tyrant named Dr. FunFrock reared his ugly head.

Twinsen : I've just escaped from the asylum. They think that I am a trouble maker because of the strange dreams I have, the ones where Sendell is calling me. I spoke to you about them on several occasions.
Good day, I'm looking for a friend. She is escorted by two groboclones
Uh ... you might be surprised when you discover the house.

Funfrock : Not being able to destroy the stone, I built my fortress around it to dissimulate it. That reminds me, you supposedly destroyed two of my factories, but that is of little importance! I will soon possess such fantastic powers, that I will need but an instant to clone or teleport the totality of the inhabitants of the planet. Good bye, you will never realize the prophecy because I will be the one who encounters Sendell and I will inherit her powers.

Zoe : Twinsen, where were you? I was worried sick!
You've returned at last, my love! Come inside quickly - all the clones must be looking for you.
Twinsen, NO! We are finished, don't let him reach us!

Nurse : Stop squirming, prisoner Twinsen!
You are being held here because you are a troublemaker. We know from an informant that you claim to have prophetic dreams.
Calm down, we're going to dissect... uh, I mean take care of you!
Hey, you! You're not one of my nurses! Sound the alarm!

Baldino :
I've been working on a Jet-Pack prototype for days now. It's a small reactor that harnesses onto your back and allows you to fly about. My problem is that my last test flight wreaked a bit of havoc on the garden wall.
So you found a hair dryer? Great! I'll be with you in a minute, just let me install the rheostat.
Well it's not a Jet-Pack yet, it's still just a Proto-Pack. I would appreciate it if you could test it out to see how it works.

Astronomer : This young girl must be someone important if that tyrant
FunFrock is holding her outside of Citadel Island. Something funny is going
on with this forbidding of any talk about the Legend: this must be some kind
of weakness in his power!

Soldier : Halt ! It is forbidden to travel outside the Citadel in that kind of attire!
Halt! You are a wanted escapee!
It is forbidden to touch the exhibits.

Elf : Thanks for opening the grotto. My name is Joe the Elf. I was locked up here because I wasn't meant to be in the story, there might have been some bugs in the game!
I am Raymond-the-Elf, to show my gratitude, I will indicate the location of the Clear Water Lake to you. If you play the flute there, you will find an important element of the prophecy.

Rebel : Hang on! Wait for you partner before trying to change zones.
Twinsen, you MUST SUCCEED in this mission. That fort is in a strategic position of the utmost importance. Once we've taken it, the two hemispheres can be united once again.

Sendell : I am Sendell, like all of those you see here, we are all Sendells. We are here to watch over a stellar entity that is in gestation, it will come into existence in a few centuries. As we can only act from the heart of the planet, we implanted a lineage of elected creatures among the species living on the surface. You are the current descendant of this family, and when FunFrock's threat had become too great, it was me that called to you in your dreams.

Proxima_helper_rabbibunny : My brother was arrested and the house is under surveillance: phony red card traffic. Wait a minute, how did you get in here? And who are you?
I'm really happy for you, Twinsen. But my brother is being held in FunFrock's headquarters. His cell has a window that is right on the street. If you could tell me how he's doing, I will give you a red card in gratitude.

Fortress_helper_rabbibunny : I know that symbol on your medallion. Virgul, our sorcerer, told us about your coming, and we have often prayed in front of the Runic Stone, which carries the same symbol. Unfortunately, Dr. FunFrock found it and built his fortress right over it, although the Rock was supposed to be indestructible! I would dig a tunnel for you so that you could enter the building, but you must first sabotage the Teleportation Center. Go find the plans of this center, I can dig only after all the telepods have been neutralized!

Lambda-character : According to the book I have, there is a "Clear water" lake in the Hamalayi mountains, somewhere to the North West of Principal Island. Did you know that the Hamalayi range is impossible to cross? It marks the border with the Northern hemisphere, the one that Dr. FunFrock cleared out. The sun is too hot for us over there: the temperature is unbearable, and the changes in climate caused the development of mutant monsters. And despite the fact that the good doctor spared us from all that, there are still rebels out there who want to overthrow him - it's shameful!
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