Grounds modelling
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[FREE] Brundle_fort_inside    
[FREE] Brundle_island_outside    
[WIP] Citadel_building_inside Assassin WARNING - ask FP to get the rough version of this part already done
[DONE] Citadel_cafe_inside Thehen  
[FREE] Citadel_Lupinbourg   The city center + the little port
[FREE] Citadel_northern_area   With the outside of the citadel and the first houses
[WIP] Citadel_south_area Darkflame  
[FREE] Citadel_town_center    
[FREE] Citadel_Twinsen_cave    
[WIP] Citadel_Twinsen_house Firephoenix  
[FREE] Construction_site_ring   Parts 1->5 but not the well itself
[FREE] Desert_island_border   The part with military camps
[DONE] Desert_island_center Assassin Not the temple of Bu
[FREE] Fortress_building inside    
[FREE] Fortress_caves   May be modified
[FREE] Fortress_island_full   Not the construction site
[FREE] Hamalayi_center_area   Ski area, village and sacred gate
[FREE] Hamalayi_fort_inside    
[FREE] Hamalayi_lake   Untransformed state of the lake
[FREE] Hamalayi_mutants_factory   The two parts of the tube way
[FREE] Hamalayi_north_coast   Not the clear water lake
[FREE] Hamalayi_south_corridor   Parts 1->6 + mutants factory outside
[WIP] PI_ferry_port Gobbles  
[FREE] PI_fort_inside    
[FREE] PI_fort_outside    
[DONE] PI_library_inside Assassin Caution -> not all is needed
[FREE] PI_library_outside    
[FREE] PI_military_camp    
[FREE] PI_port_belooga    
[FREE] PI_ruins    
[FREE] PI_south-west_area   The area with the clover box
[FREE] PI_town    
[WIP] Proxima_city Bot13 The harbourg + Baldino's area
[FREE] Proxima_eclipse_stones   Both ones maybe
[DONE] Proxima_museum Firephoenix  
[FREE] Proxima_sewers    
[FREE] Rebellion_island_center    
[FREE] Rebellion_island_port    
[FREE] Sendell_well_inside    
[FREE] Sendell_well_outside    
[WIP] Temple_of_Bu_area_1 Firephoenix Most of it may be skipped
[FREE] Temple_of_Bu_area_2   Most of it may be skipped
[FREE] Temple_of_Bu_area_3   Most of it will be used
[FREE] Tipett_dangerous_caves   May be modified
[DONE] Tipett_main_area Assassin Also the corridor toward the cafe
[FREE] Tipett_outside   The area with the dragon-fly
[DONE] Tipett_Twinsun_Cafe Thehen  
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