--> To upload your creations on the RMP FTP, I advise you Crystal FTP free .

--> For the downloads, I've tried lots of download managers but the best is surely Download accelerator plus .

--> And an excellent tool for modelers : Yazor's LBA1 model viewer , that'll allow you to watch the models of the game under any angle. Perfect for 3D modelers !

--> Awesome : the windows compatibility patch for LBA Relentless ! 1000 thanks to FunnyFrog for this!

--> If you want to re-play the game, you got here a pack of savegames .

--> A pack of all the midi files from LBA1 ...nostalgia...

--> The two packs to be able to decompile LBA1 and have the pictures, texts, musics of this mythic game...
First an *.exe to run and then the package of the decompilers/wievers .
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