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Created by Assassin on 07-09-2002
Download: *.3ds | *.max [ with 75 KB ]
The key located in the museum of Proxima, only way to accesss the cave of Twinsen's house
Created by Phoenix on 04-18-2002
Download: *.3ds | *.max [ with 44 KB ]
The only money on Twinsun...
Created by Axx+Firephoenix on 08-10-2002
Download: *.3ds | *.max [ with 1018 KB ]
The magic flute that makes the clear water to appear and that makes vegetables to grow in the desert (boolean operation needed for the holes in it)...
Created by Firephoenix on 08-30-2002
Download: *.3ds | *.max [ with 183 KB ]
The little petrol can that you find in the shops and close to the vehicles...
Created by Phoenix on 04-18-2002
Download: *.3ds | *.max [ with 385 KB ]
Twinsen's very useful proto-pack...
Created by FreeLanZer on 04-18-2006
Download: *_3ds_max.zip [ with 2647 KB ]
The guitar of the old WL Desert rabbibunny...
Created by Firephoenix on 03-24-2002
Download: *.3ds | *.max [ with 453 KB ]
The very useful bottle that Twinsen always keeps in his inventory...

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